Second Day in Shanghai

Today I got a taste of just how wonderful Shanghai can be!

The first thing I did today is go to the old area of the city and do some shopping in the antique section. There were tons of cool stuff and the prices were shockingly low. After the shopping I had some quick snacks.

Then I went to Yuyean Garden.

The highlight of the large lunch I had was the dumplings. These are the most popular ones in Shanghai and everone I talked to said the best in China. They have fish eggs inside and when you bite them soup comes out of the thin wrap.

After lunch I bought some more gifts and an amazing oil paintings. Lucky I was with some locals and they got me 80% of the first quoted price. We even did the whole walk away thing and they ran us down to close the deal. It was fun to see how this crazy system works. Then off to dinner I went for an all you can eat sushi place. Oh, and the saki was all you can drink too!

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