Subaru WRX 2002 Digital Clock Fix

Over the last month, the digital clock in my car started to go out. I knew it must be a bad connection because it would work intermittently.

Then a few weeks ago, it stopped working all together. I decided I would try to fix it myself. Thanks to, I was able to figure out how to get the clock out of the dashboard.

First, I removed the facing around the radio. Then the top piece with the vents and the hazard switch. To do that, I pull out the cup holder and unscrewed the two Phillips screws inside on both sides.

I know it seems like you could skip taking the facing off but I would suggest doing it. I made the mistake of trying to take the vent cover off first and wasted 15 minutes putting it back on before going forward. Others, have reported being able to do it without problem.

The facing around the radio has four clips, one on each corner. I was not worried about scratching the surface and just used a butter knife. A good suggestion was to use a flat screwdriver wrapped in electrical tape and slowly pry at the corners until the facing pops free.

Then, I removed the plug from the hazard switch and radio using my fingers. I took out the clock module. With a flat screwdriver, I had to press firmly on the clips in the front of the clock pod until it pops up. It took some time to look at how the clips were angled into the plastic and bit of jiggling while pushing on the clips. Eventually it popped off. At this point, I was able to disconnect the plug from the clock. Then pull the four clips off the plastic molding and bring the unit inside to inspect the issue.

Note: If you decide to fix your clock, make sure not to lose the buttons for the hour, minute, and second. A rubber and plastic piece connect with the main board.

Now that I had the module inside I searched online and found reports of issues with resister 510. Here is a picture showing where the break occurs. It appears this happens frequently on all Subaru’s. I’m not too upset because this is the only part on my 02 WRX that has failed out of warranty.

I pulled out my fine pointed solider iron and got the connection fixed up. I did not see any other problems so I put it back together.

Final Result!

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  1. I just fixed mine. The “510” was fine but the “300” that is a bit more than a half inch from that one nearly fell off when I touched it. CHECK THEM ALL.

  2. Jason,
    You deserve a medal!
    Thanks very much for this brilliant and relatively easy fix to what appears to be a common problem with Subarus. I’ve got a WRX 2001 and the clock went on the blink about 18months ago. I spoke to a local Subaru dealer who quoted me a silly price to replace it, so I’ve just done without the clock since then until I found your web site. Just to be different my resistor cracked its solder on the opposite end to yours so was a bit more awkward to solder with the clip in the way, but it’s all working again. Thanks again.

  3. This fix worked perfectly. Remember to be careful not to lose the little rubber umbrellas that are the switch contacts.

  4. I did mine today but just lifted the clock surround out of the dash no need to do a big strip down. Total job 5 mins but thanks for the info about the chip.

  5. Can you remember weather or not the LED that illuminates the clock can be replaced? i wanna make mine red, but dont want to rip it apart to find i cant change it…. Thanks

  6. Why do you have to take out the cup holder, vents and radio surround? Intuitively, it would appear that the clock pod can just be popped-up, and removed after disconnecting the electrical connection? I wave a refurbished replacement clock…just need to switch them out.

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