Microsoft WebCamp Chicago – I won a purse!


This weekend I drove to Chicago for Microsoft Web Camps not knowing what to expect. I definitely didn’t think I would win a purse and a cool t-shirt. So how did this happen?


Web Camps is a two day event. The first day is all learning and was presented by James Senior and Jon Galloway who did an excellent job.

The second day was a build day. You get into groups and build an application. Then at the end of the day all the teams got to demo. Thanks to my team members Mark Greenway and Tim McManemy, we got first place!

Our application was called Fact or Crap. Basically you could submit a statement and others could vote if it is true or false. We used MVC2, JQuery templating, and Entity Framework.


Hopefully Microsoft will do this again next year. This was probably the most fun I have had programming in awhile. Everyone learned a ton and made some new friends.

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  1. Yeah, hopefully my local code camp will add a build day. I know they were talking about it last time. I think it makes a huge difference to actually work with the code right after hearing about it.

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