See You Later MarketWatch

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Some people do it with a song. Others have suggested interpretive dance. I’ll leave you with this less entertaining visualization of all the places I’ve sat in the office and internal teams I’ve worked with. This is 100% accurate. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I often think back to my first day in Oct. 2001 (take a look at the site it takes awhile to load but it is worth it). The times seemed grim and the economy was in turmoil. Through the ups and downs the Minneapolis team adapted, payed down technical debt, and used modern development practices to be successful. Now becoming a key component of the world's second-largest media conglomerate.

What’s Next?

I have a new job in downtown Minneapolis with Wolters Kluwer. I'll still be doing software development but working more directly with financial institutions again. I have plenty of new things to learn and challenging projects to work on.

I'll miss you Morris, Kaavio, Dylan, Ziggman, Ronco, and Varasto!

2 Replies to “See You Later MarketWatch”

  1. Excellent Marketwatch Bulletin! I notice from your graphic that “Systems” is the one constant in your time here. Not maybe in size but certainly in location! Good luck.

  2. First comment!
    This (and the bulletin email we got at work) was a great way to say goodbye. It’s been great working with you. Good luck at your next 11-year gig!

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