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Category: .NET

  • C# 7.0 ref return values

    A friend at work sent me this sarcastic message today “yoooooooo this C# 7.0 feature will SHOCK you”. After his code snippet and explanation I was thinking to myself, why oh why would they put something like this in C# 7. As we dug in a bit things became more clear but at first I […]

  • EasyNetQ Error Conditions

    When using EasyNetQ client for RabbitMQ, there are some error conditions you might want to consider. This post will show some examples of ways you can customize the error handling when doing publishing and subscribing. For a good overview you can view the EasyNetQ Error Conditions docs on this subject. Note: This is just example […]

  • NServicebus and .NET Core – RabbitMQ

    This is a follow up to my first post on NServicebus and .NET Core. In this post I’ll switch my transport from training mode to RabbitMQ. The code for this post can be found on Github. Run RabbitMQ Host First setup an instance of RabbitMQ. The fastest way for me was to use Docker. Linux […]

  • NServicebus and .NET Core

    The following is a walk through of NServicebus and .NET Core. I setup a sample server and client using file system transport. In a future post, I’ll look at using RabbitMQ transport. The example code for this post can be found here GitHub JasonRowe/nservicebus_netcore. Server, client, and shared project solution setup. dotnet new console -n […]

  • Getting started with Vue.js and NET Core

    In this post, I’ll go over one option for getting started with Vue.js and .NET Core. I’ll go over how to generate a sample project via JavaScriptServices and point out how it gives you development and build tooling. Microsoft ASPNET/JavaScriptServices JavaScriptServices is a great option if you’re more familiar with .NET then node.js. I’ve used […]

  • .NET Core and GoCD

    I’ve been reading up on continuous delivery and the GoCD tool is a great way to learn the concepts and abstractions to help model your delivery pipeline and work towards improving it. This post documents setting up a .NET core project in GoCD in a minimal way for demo purposes. I cover setting up a […]