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  • Hardtime Leadership

    Hardtime Leadership

    During an economic slowdown, it’s important for leaders to take a proactive approach to managing their organization. Here are a few tips for leadership during this time: Communicate with your team: Keep your team informed about the situation and any changes that may be necessary. This will help them feel included and understand the reasoning […]

  • Visual Studio Git vs Command Line

    Visual Studio Git vs Command Line

    When it comes to version control, there are two main ways to manage your code: using the git command line or using visual studio’s git GUI tools. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. To initialize a repository using the git command line, you would use the […]

  • Free Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Server in the Cloud

    Free Minecraft LifeSteal SMP Server in the Cloud

    Minecraft is a great game by itself but if you want to setup a SMP (Survival Multi-Player) you are going to need a Java Minecraft server with a few mods. Here is a basic overview of the setup. Hosting – Oracle Cloud free tier Mincraft mods – world edit mod and LifeSteal mod The first […]

  • Becoming a Software Development Manager

    Becoming a Software Development Manager

    I’ve been learning and improving my software manager skills for a year now and want to write down my thoughts. Hopefully you find this useful in making a decision about a career change, getting started in software development management, or just find something helpful in your current position. As a new manager it was easier […]

  • RavenDB Network Tests

    RavenDB Network Tests

    When using RavenDB for important sales and purchase documents how do you know if your code is transactional and safe? That is a question I was asking myself and so I created RavenDBNetworkTests to allow testing of RavenDB with simulated network conditions. The network simulations are done via ToxiProxy. The repo and this blog post […]

  • MDC 2019 Presentation

    MDC 2019 Presentation

    Link to presentation and code for my talk at MDC 2019. https://github.com/JasonRowe/MDC2019 Microservice plumbing with RabbitMQ Jason Rowe, Protolabs The basics of RabbitMQ messaging options and techniques used to ensure reliable messaging.